About myself

Pic for ProfileI am a second year Mechanical engineering student enrolled in the Faculty of Applied Sciences and Engineering at the University of Toronto. With a passion for problem solving and logistics, I want to pursue research and innovation in Aerospace. I envision a world where humankind has explored the endless bounds of space and the reason it all became possible was by the effort of a few individuals who took a stand to help their communities and the people around them by teaching them necessary skills and thus beginning the snowball effect of spreading knowledge.

As an engineer, I am bound by oath to stay true to my words and present reliable solutions to my clients before the deadlines. In order to construct trustworthy relationships with my clients I make it my goal to put their safety and accessibility above everything.

I pay close attention to how my work impacts the environment as I am an advocate for environmentalism and a strong supporter to combat global warming. I see myself researching renewable energy sources for the space industry because I am of the firm belief that the next step for humankind is explore and find a place among the stars. Moreover, this way I also keep my carbon-footprint contribution to a minimum.

As an engineer it is vital to have hard and soft skills. This section presents a brief over-view:


  • Proficient 3D designer in Prodesktop, SolidWorks and Autodesk Fusion 360.
  • Skilled 2D designer in AutoCAD.
  • Certified Associate in SolidWorks


  • Knowledge of coding in Python and MATLAB
  • Skilled in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Speaks English, Urdu, Punjabi and Pahari


Moving forward with my career as an engineer I would be looking to improve upon my preparation and organizational skills. Over the course of my group projects in university I have always delivered my part on time and have had no trouble with time-management skills. With the improvements mentioned all these attributes would go very well in tandem.

Finally, having a slightly modest artsy background I pay equal amount of attention to the content as well as the format/layout of the said project since it is my firm belief that looks serve as the initial decision maker for any client.