3-D CAD Modelling

I have been interested in 3-D modeling since the time I found its existence. Since grade 10, I have been involved with 3-D CAD modelling using several different softwares. My interest in 3-D modelling has led me to develop my skills in it and greatly contribute to my project teams in university. 

Below you may find pictures of numerous projects that I have either completed individually or as part of a group. 

University Projects

Scissor-Jack 3-D Printer

This CAD model is built as part of my final group design project for my 2nd Year design course. The problem at hand is of trying to innovate from scratch an idea of a 3-D printer that embodies all the features of a 3-D printer but is easy and simple enough for a regular 3-D printing hobbyist. The printer should be easy to assemble as it will be part of a DIY kit. The following two pictures showcase my group’s design. It works as a scissor jack where when in use the printer fully opens and when not in use it descends and fully closes. This compact design saves a lot of space. 

I was personally involved in creating the framing, bushing, scissor jack connectors, filament and base of this model. I also took part in rendering the design.

3D Printer Closed
Scissor Jack 3D Printer (Closed)
3D Printer Opened
Scissor Jack 3D Printer (Opened)


The weekly group design dissections helped me understand in great detail how numerous mechanisms and devices work, especially due to the fact that it was required from us to CAD some component of the device we were dissection. The pictures below show the CAD models that me and my group created during the dissections.

For each model below, I have contributed a lot towards each of them and have designed numerous parts including gears, casings, fans, flanges and gear holding mechanisms. Furthermore, I played a significant part in the assembling and 3-D motion of these designs.



Hand Drill

Hand Drill

Gear Box (Full Assembly)

Gearbox Closed

Gear Box (Exploded Assembly)

Gearbox Exploded

Screw Driver (Full Assembly)

Screw Driver Closed

Screw Driver (Exploded Assembly)

Screw Driver Exploded

Praxis II

This model is part of the second term of the first year design course at the University of Toronto. I was involved in the complete design of this model. You may read more about it here.

1st Year Engineering Design and Practices (Praxis II) Project

Personal Projects

As mentioned before, I have done a lot of 3-D designing during and after high-school and the following showcase two of my best major projects.

Rubik’s Cube

Rubiks Cube

Faisal Mosque

Faisal Mosque

Project design list updated as more models are created!


Overtime my skills in 3D designing have improved significantly and it has greatly helped me in my engineering journey. Not only has it provided me with an edge over other students but it has also instilled in me the desire to learn new and different skills in order to be and stay above par. This prompted me to get my first certification in 3-D designing from SolidWorks and I successfully passed the test and am now a Certified SolidWorks Associate. 

Associate Solidworks.png

The evidence of my skills in SolidWorks being of aid to my group members was explicitly stated by them during the anonymous feedback provided at the end of the term as can be seen below.

SolidWorks Team FD.JPG

Overtime, I have noticed the improvements in my designs and the way I tackle a new design problem. This is extremely necessary because problem thinking, critical and analytical solving and innovation are the key features of being an engineer and I believe that I am on the path of becoming a skillful engineer.